Here comes my overthinking self | 01

So uhm, where do I start? How would I even explain myself here?

Woke up feeling heavy this morning, maybe because my overthinking self strikes again. Well, I really don’t know why but I woke up with the thought of me on an M.U (Mag-isang Umiibig) kind of relationship. Maybe because the happiness I felt yesterday still didn’t reach that level na abot ko na sya. Hay! Alam ko naman sa sarili ko na I will never be that relevant to him but I just can’t stop and damn yes I know the reason why! πŸ™

I will never be that girl, and I know that! πŸ™ƒ


Here goes my assumera self | 01

Its been a while, WordPress! πŸ˜‰

So where do I start here? I guess i’d just sum up what happened today.

But before that, here’s the Video of the Day: (ctto Mengshie)

So yeah I had a meeting (?) with my crush over fries and float late this afternoon. Hahahaha. I won’t call it a date (assumera ganern ang feels?) but damn, while we were talking, I couldn’t even look straight into his eyes. You could entirely look at me and see how happy I am just by being with him without him knowing. Though, he was 30 mins. late, the feels for the entire time he was right in front of me could never be replaced. (Since dakilang assumera ako, feelingerang girlfriend na din ang show ko charot! πŸ˜‚) Seriously tho, nobody else could make me this happy except him. I wish he knows that.

That’s it for today (kahit wala talaga tong kwenta hahahaha)! Happy Wednesday Night everyone! πŸ˜‰

Our Tamang Panahon 💛 (MaiChard At Bohol)

​Seeing Alden and Maine in person is really part of every fangirl’s wishlist. It was really part of “sana mapadaan naman sila dito sa Bohol” during the time when they were in Cebu. But who would have thought that they’ll be here in Bohol? It was all unexpected, really!

Hanggang ngayon, nahihirapan pa kong magkwento kaya itatagalog ko nalang to. Hirap magstorytelling sa english bes. Hahaha

October 5 ng gabi, kakauwi ko lang from school when a friend messaged us …

Sa sobrang kalma ng pagkakasabi niya, nagloading pa ko ng mga 5 minutes bago nagwala sa GCs 😂 Ilang beses na ko na-hopia sa ganyan kaya talagang tinanong ko talaga kung totoo ba at kung para saan. Sabi nya its for EK10 shoot at kasama sila bossing kaya mas lalo kaming natuwa. Who would have thought that we’ll be able to see some of the EB Dabarkads here in Bohol?

That night, I tried to contact some friends para sabay sabay kaming mag-aabang sa airport. Maygad! First time ko tong ginawa sa buong buhay ko! Haha. Ayun, literal na nagwawala ako sa GCs kung ano oras kami pupunta ng airport, kung anong kekelanganin namin at kung anu-ano pa. We were so happy na hirap din kaming makatulog. Kada oras nagigising ako at tinitignan yung oras, di naman halatang excited di ba? Hahaha. So ayun gumising ako ng maaga, naligo, kumain at gumora na. Dumaan pa kong Agora at BQ to buy something kasama yung new acquaintances ko from other FCs ng Bohol. Odiba, dahil sa dalawa, marami akong nakikilala which is ang hirap iimagine dahil mahiyain talaga ako. Pagdating sa Airport, nag-ayos muna tas nag-abang na. We were able to meet some AlDub Mommies ng Bohol which is katabi lang namin. Di namin alam na parehas pala kami ng inaabangan until may isa sa kanilang kumausap samin. Hello po sa AlDub Mommies ng Bohol! We’re very glad to meet you po! Bond tayo soon! Hihi. So ayun, abang abang, eh halos walang upuan sa waiting shed kaya nakatayo kaming lahat. Konting picture-picture at usapan. Unang lumapag ay yung Cebu Pac, kahit alam naming PAL sinakyan nila, nagsisigawan pa rin kami. Hahahaha. Then we learned na yung coaster na sasakyan nila was just in front of us.

Edi mas lalong nagsigawan. Kung pwede lang lapitan yung coaster eh pero behave kami baka lalong di namin sila makita pag magpapasaway kaya ayun, we stayed at the shed. So one friend called me na nakatayo malapit dun sa coaster. Nagkapicture ako sa coaster ng malapitan bes! BWAHAHAHAHA. #Coasternatics

Through a relative nung friend na yun, nakapagninja moves kaming dalawa sa loob. Nagtago kami and were advised na wag maingay. Hahaha. So ayun, pinaupo kami and literal kaming kinakabahan. Di kami mapalagay lalo na nung lumapag na. Maygad! Alam nyo yung nagpipigil kaming sumigaw! Nakakaiyak bes! 

Yung saya namin di na namin maitago lalo na nung papalapit na sila sa arrival area. Yung pagka-nearsighted ko parang nawala. Kitang kita ko sila sa malayuan bes! Hahahaha. 

Di na namin mapigil ang sumigaw. Maygad! 😭 Pati nga si bossing di ko agad napansin eh 🙈 Sigaw kami ng sigaw hanggang sa makapasok sila ng arrival area. After, nagtatakbo na kami sa loob ng arrival area. Di ko na nga napansin ilan yung nadaanan ko eh. Muntik pa kong maslide pero tuloy lang sa pagtakbo. Hahahaha. Naabutan namin sila sa labas nung may nagpapicture sa kanila. It was my chance to take a clear photo of them pero nag-hang yung phone ko. Napakaganda ng timing eh 😑 Tapos nun, nagtake charge na yung mga bantay, natulak pa ko ng slight pero keri lang kaya nagtatakbo na kami papunta ng exit malapit sa coaster. (Yung nakakita sakin sa video, sorna po! 🙈) Yung mga kasama namin were all waiting for them sa exit gate. I was able to get hold of the bouquet for Maine at naibigay ko personally. Tinawag ko sya at lumingon sya sakin. Maygad! 😭😭 Yung kay Alden naman di ko personally naibigay kasi di ko agad nakuha sa kasama namin at nagkakatulakan na ng slight. Buti nalang pumayag yung babae kaya I was able to give Alden and Maine the little something that we bought for both of them through her. (Looking forward to the day na makita kong suot nilang dalawa yun. Huhu) So ayun sakay na sila ng coaster and we were saying our goodbyes to them. Nung nakaalis na yung coaster, nagkagulo na kami sa waiting shed. Lahat nagsisigawan sa sobrang tuwa. Nasaway pa kami nung nagbebenta dun. Haha. (Sorry naman kuya, minsan lang to. Hahaha) At dahil mahirap magmove-on, dumiretso kami ni Ate M sa Mcdo para magkwentuhan. Para kaming mga loka, ang ingay namin tas dalawa lang kami tas biglang tatahimik kasi busy sa twitter. Sabog notifs bes! 🙈😂

Pagkahapon, more acquaintances contacted us. Tinatanong kung san sila nagcheck-in. Ang daming infos naming natanggap. May nagsabing Bohol Tropics tas Bluewater tas South Palms tas BBC. Edi instant naloka kami. Di namin alam san talaga kami papunta. Hahahaha. Sa ilang oras na pagdedesisyon, sumakay kami ng Jeep to Panglao habang panay nag-aabang for SC updates, baka malaman namin yung exact location. First decision, sa Dumaluan kami bababa tas biglang may nagtext na sa Bluewater daw kaya nagdecide kaming dun nalang bumaba. Pagdating namin dun, sabi samin nung guard na wala daw sila dun at dahil di kami agad naniwala. Nagpumilit pa rin kaming makapasok through Ate C. Hihi. (Ate, salamaaaaaat! 😂) Pagdating sa loob, it was confirmed na dun sila naglunch pero hindi sila dun nagstay kaya ayun lipat naman kami ng BBC. Pagdating sa BBC, hindi kami pinapasok kasi punuan daw kasi meron nga dawng special guests kaya ayun tilian sa loob ng van. Sa kagustuhang makapasok, pumunta nanaman kaming Dumaluan para dun dumaan kasi katabi lang nun ang BBC. Pagdating sa Dumaluan, diretso kami sa may baybayin ng BBC. Ninja moves pa more. Hinanap namin yung duyan na inupuan ni Meng on her SC Update and we saw this. Maraming duyan dun actually and lito din kami kung saan dun exactly. Hihi.

So ayun kunyari kaming palakad lakad dun banda, baka man lang masilayan namin sila hanggang sa sitahin na kami. Hehe. (Sorry na kuya guard, mababait po kami. Hihi) Balik na naman kami dun sa may bandang duyan nung sinabihan kaming pwede na daw kaming makapasok para kumain which is our reason nung papasok pa lang kami ng BBC. Eh biglang may nagmessage na tutulungan daw nila kami kaya naloka kami. Nag-antay muna kami dun sa may duyan, medyo matagal rin yung reply tas gutom na rin kami kaya pumasok na kami sa may restaurant nila at umorder. Pagtingin sa menu. Jusko bes, ang mamahal. 🙈 Ansarap sabihing kuya pwedeng tubig nalang? Hahahaha. Bigla nawala gutom namin eh. Pero since nakakahiya naman na aalis lang kami dun eh nagpumilit lang kami so we ordered and ate. Nakatanggap kami ng message na they were on an indoor shoot at hindi pa sigurado kung anong oras na makakauwi kaya napagdesisyunan naming magsiuwian nalang dahil gabing gabi na rin at baka abutan sila ng madaling araw sa shoot. 

The next day, syempre estudyante rin ako kaya pasok muna sa school tas may tinapos na project. I was contacted nung mga kakilala ko kung sasama ba daw ako sa kanila and I really wanted to kaso sobrang busy pa talaga at naghahabol kami para sa 7PM deadline that time. Salamat Ate C sa pag-aantay sakin for more than an hour. Labyu much! Hihi. But sadly, I had some conflicts with some contacts. I wasn’t able to contact them earlier. (Sorry na guys! Aaminin ko nawala sa isip ko. Sobrang nabusy rin kasi. I miss you na! :()

So bumabyahe na kami to Sagbayan ng may nagsabing nasa Tarsier na naman daw sila. So we went to Corella Tarsier Conservation Area pero close na yun by the time na dumating kami. Kaya biglang napaisip na naman kami na sa BBC nalang kami mag-aantay. So we decided na bumalik to grab some food sa ICM and wait for more updates. While waiting for them sa van, nakatanggap kami ng balita na they really are at Sagbayan at nag-aantay ng sunset. Pagbalik nung mga kasama namin, it was almost sunset but still we decided na dumiretso ng Sagbayan. Sa almost 1 hour and a half na pagpapalipad ng sasakyan, antahimik lang namin sa van kasi di namin alam kung may aabutan pa ba kami doon. May konting kwentuhan at hanapan ng updates pero wala talaga. Pagdating ng Sagbayan Peak, bumaba ako at si F ng Van, kami yung kumausap kay manong guard. (Nakauniform pa ko nun bes! Hahaha) Laking tuwa namin nung sinabing andun nga sila sa loob at nagdidinner. Muntik pa kaming di papasukin dahil 6PM ang close nila and it was already almost 7PM ata. Buti nalang at napakiusapan namin si guard kaya nakapasok kami. Laking tuwa namin ng makita yung coaster sa may parking area. Maygad! Ito na mga bes! Pilit naming pinipigilan tumili at magsigawan dahil baka lalo kaming hindi makalapit. On our way up patungong restaurant. Para kaming mga baliw na hinihingal paakyat pero napapatigil sa bawat step sa sobrang kaba. Napayakap pa nga kami sa mga kahoy sa gilid kasi di namin alam ano mararamdaman. Naloloka kami at the moment.

Pagdating sa taas, may mga taong nandun sa labas ng restaurant at sinabihan kaming dumiretso sa may bandang restaurant. Pagdating namin sa labas, hindi kami agad nakapasok pero ito yung una naming nakita! 

Imaginin nyo kaming nagpipigil ng tuwa at kilig sa labas ng restaurant. Maygad! Yung puso namin bes! Huhu.

So we waited sa labas ng restaurant hanggang tinawag kami to take a photo with Alden. Sa sobrang lutang ko, muntik pa kong di makasali sa picture. Hahahaha. Kasi nakatingin lang ako sa kanya ng ilang segundo bago ako nabalik sa mundong ibabaw. Hahahahaha.

After our photo, we gave Alden and Mama Ten something that we bought for all of them. Nung nagsalita sya at sinabing “ano to?”, di agad kami nakasagot. Natulala kami sa boses at sa ngiti nya. 😍 Mga ilang segundo pa bago ko nasagot na delicacies yun ng Bohol. Hahaha. So pinalabas kami ulit. Ilang minutes tinawag kami ni Mama Ten to meet Sir Jecker and Maine and to give the other delicacies to them personally. Starstruck bes! Di namin alam pano magreact. And sa ganda ng timing ng phone ko, ayun naghang nanaman 😑 buti nalang at may dalang cam yung kasama namin. Hahaha. So konting usap then pictures with Meng. She even signed some of our personal things and even our MAINEsters Tarp, ansarap maluha kaso pinipigilan ko hanggat kaya kasi nakakahiyang ngumawa sa harap ni Meng 🙈😂 

It was time. Kelangan na nila umalis kasi lilipat pa sila sa next location. Nasa loob si Alden nun at pwede ng mauna kung gugustuhin nya pero lumabas pa sya sa veranda para balikan si Meng at alalayan since may dino si Meng nun. It was a simple gesture pero mararamdaman mo yung sincerity ng care and concern niya for Meng. Nung nakaalis sila, hindi kami agad nakasunod kasi nagtitilian pa kami dun sa may veranda. Hahaha. Pagkababa namin, nakasakay na sila sa coaster. I was supposed to take their photo kaso umeepal na naman pagka-abnormal ng phone ko πŸ™„ Magkatabi sila nun sa coaster and we were saying our goodbyes bago kami sumakay na rin ng van pauwi. Buong byahe pauwi, ang ingay namin sa van, sigawan, tilian at kwentuhan. We were very happy. It was really our Tamang Panahon. Up to now, di ko pa rin macontain yung happiness ko. Habang tinititigan ko yung pictures, di pa rin ako makapaniwala 😍 

Weekend came, hindi ko na sila nakita ulit bago sila makaalis ng Bohol due to very important school event and preparations. But I hope you know Maine and Alden na sobra nyo kaming napasaya. Konti man kaming AlDub Fans from Bohol. We’ll stay strong and we’ll always be here to support you both. AlDub you both! 😘

Pasensya na kung sobrang haba nito at kung medyo di maayos. Hahahaha. Di pa ko nakakamove-on up to now kasi. Haha. Hope to see you again soon Maine and Alden! 💛*ctto*

#MaichardAtBohol #MaineMendoza #AldenRichards

Story of A Fangirl

I guess everybody already knows about Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards for they are the phenomenal love team known in and out of the Philippines. So I would like to share my story as a fan.

I grew up not bothering much about social media, facebook lang sapat na ganern. I may be fond of some artists but I remain being a silent fan. I’m really not into fangirling.  Yung tipong tama lang, yung tumitingin lang ng pics niya sa google at nakikinig sa mga kanta niya. Ganern. I even teased my sister when she follows that certain boy group on every social media sites and even joined that text clan. Little did I know, I’d eat all my words.

I already heard about Alden Richards but wasn’t able to clearly see who he is physically even on tv. Same with Maine Mendoza, I heard about her doing some dubsmash videos that had gone viral on the internet but I really didn’t take too much attention on it for I’m not usually interested with those. Pinipilit lang ako ng mga kapatid ko to try those kind of apps. 

I usually watch EB during my lunch breaks. Sinong hindi natutuwa sa JoWaPao? Itaas ang paa at kamay at itutuhog ko sa bamboo stick. Dejk 😂 So that’s it. I’m fond of how JoWaPao are on Juan for All, All for Juan. 

So that unexpected moment happened. I guess everybody knows about that memorable July 16. The first meeting of Yaya Dub and Alden on a split screen.

Sinong hindi kinilig dito at tutuhugin ko na talaga. Joke ulit! Mabait po ako. Hihi.

From there I started following them on social media and be updated with them. Of course, priorities first, pagbabalance muna ng FS inatupag ko kaya ayun minsan nalang makakuha ng any updates sa dalawa. Minsan nadadaanan ko nalang sa AlDub Page sa FB mga ganap ng dalawa. (Salute to the admins of that page, updated talaga eh!) But I never do forget to watch that JFA Segment which became the “Kalyeserye”. I always spare my time to watch that segment to the extent that I usually get late with my meetings or whatsoever or watch replays at night especially at times when I really couldn’t find a way to watch it live on tv.

I may be biased but I really love Maine more but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like Alden (boy crush ko sya bes! Wag nyo ko isumbong kay Meng!). Maybe because I could understand her more because I’m also a girl. It was April when I decided not to take summer classes (break muna kami ng minamahal kong calculator 😂). Out of boredom (yes boredom, wag niyo kong ijudge 🙈), I joined an FC where I was able to meet many people who loves both of them as much as I do. I was really glad for I met a new set of people who treats each other as a family even if we haven’t met each other personally. 

So yun nga, I’m already the one who do the updates and with that, I was able to know more about them, about who they are on cam and off cam (but not exactly, syempre), what are they doing at a certain time of the day and how they spread happiness, kilig and inspiration to every person they would meet. Mas lumalim ang paghanga ko sa kanila as days pass by. 

Sa mga simpleng ganito nila:

*credits to the owners of the photos*

At marami pang ibang larawan. (Antagal kasi magupload bes! Di ko na kaya mag-intay! 🙈😂)

Jusmiyo! Halos iwan na ko ng puso’t kaluluwa ko. Grabe sila! Huhu. Parang any minute, kukunin ako ng liwanag eh.

I really do love them both whatever they would become in the future for they really became a significant part of my life. I may not be able to collect any item that they are endorsing or any magazine kung san sila ang nasa cover. Deep down in my heart, I LOVE THEM and no matter what other people say, both of them will always be my strength and inspiration. Forever and always to! 

So that was it, I’d like to share more of my story but I’ve already gone speechless. Naubusan ako ng words, bes! Tsaka ang haba na nito. #Paano
So I’ll basically end it here. I’ll try working out for more. Pasensya na guys kung wrong grammar man o wrong structuring o magulo sya basahin. I’m really not gifted when it comes to writing. Yes, I do write short poems or essays but all for educational purposes. I’ve been working for this entry for many days and I’ve realized that I always go speechless pag MaiChard na ang usapan. Para kasing pati puso ko gusto sumaling magsulat. (Cheret!) 

Good Mornight Everyone! ☺

#MaineMendoza #AldenRichards #MaiChard