Story of A Fangirl

I guess everybody already knows about Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards for they are the phenomenal love team known in and out of the Philippines. So I would like to share my story as a fan.

I grew up not bothering much about social media, facebook lang sapat na ganern. I may be fond of some artists but I remain being a silent fan. I’m really not into fangirling.  Yung tipong tama lang, yung tumitingin lang ng pics niya sa google at nakikinig sa mga kanta niya. Ganern. I even teased my sister when she follows that certain boy group on every social media sites and even joined that text clan. Little did I know, I’d eat all my words.

I already heard about Alden Richards but wasn’t able to clearly see who he is physically even on tv. Same with Maine Mendoza, I heard about her doing some dubsmash videos that had gone viral on the internet but I really didn’t take too much attention on it for I’m not usually interested with those. Pinipilit lang ako ng mga kapatid ko to try those kind of apps. 

I usually watch EB during my lunch breaks. Sinong hindi natutuwa sa JoWaPao? Itaas ang paa at kamay at itutuhog ko sa bamboo stick. Dejk 😂 So that’s it. I’m fond of how JoWaPao are on Juan for All, All for Juan. 

So that unexpected moment happened. I guess everybody knows about that memorable July 16. The first meeting of Yaya Dub and Alden on a split screen.

Sinong hindi kinilig dito at tutuhugin ko na talaga. Joke ulit! Mabait po ako. Hihi.

From there I started following them on social media and be updated with them. Of course, priorities first, pagbabalance muna ng FS inatupag ko kaya ayun minsan nalang makakuha ng any updates sa dalawa. Minsan nadadaanan ko nalang sa AlDub Page sa FB mga ganap ng dalawa. (Salute to the admins of that page, updated talaga eh!) But I never do forget to watch that JFA Segment which became the “Kalyeserye”. I always spare my time to watch that segment to the extent that I usually get late with my meetings or whatsoever or watch replays at night especially at times when I really couldn’t find a way to watch it live on tv.

I may be biased but I really love Maine more but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like Alden (boy crush ko sya bes! Wag nyo ko isumbong kay Meng!). Maybe because I could understand her more because I’m also a girl. It was April when I decided not to take summer classes (break muna kami ng minamahal kong calculator 😂). Out of boredom (yes boredom, wag niyo kong ijudge 🙈), I joined an FC where I was able to meet many people who loves both of them as much as I do. I was really glad for I met a new set of people who treats each other as a family even if we haven’t met each other personally. 

So yun nga, I’m already the one who do the updates and with that, I was able to know more about them, about who they are on cam and off cam (but not exactly, syempre), what are they doing at a certain time of the day and how they spread happiness, kilig and inspiration to every person they would meet. Mas lumalim ang paghanga ko sa kanila as days pass by. 

Sa mga simpleng ganito nila:

*credits to the owners of the photos*

At marami pang ibang larawan. (Antagal kasi magupload bes! Di ko na kaya mag-intay! 🙈😂)

Jusmiyo! Halos iwan na ko ng puso’t kaluluwa ko. Grabe sila! Huhu. Parang any minute, kukunin ako ng liwanag eh.

I really do love them both whatever they would become in the future for they really became a significant part of my life. I may not be able to collect any item that they are endorsing or any magazine kung san sila ang nasa cover. Deep down in my heart, I LOVE THEM and no matter what other people say, both of them will always be my strength and inspiration. Forever and always to! 

So that was it, I’d like to share more of my story but I’ve already gone speechless. Naubusan ako ng words, bes! Tsaka ang haba na nito. #Paano
So I’ll basically end it here. I’ll try working out for more. Pasensya na guys kung wrong grammar man o wrong structuring o magulo sya basahin. I’m really not gifted when it comes to writing. Yes, I do write short poems or essays but all for educational purposes. I’ve been working for this entry for many days and I’ve realized that I always go speechless pag MaiChard na ang usapan. Para kasing pati puso ko gusto sumaling magsulat. (Cheret!) 

Good Mornight Everyone! ☺

#MaineMendoza #AldenRichards #MaiChard


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